JNS Staffing was formed out of a necessity for New York Speech-Language Pathologists who seek a company that understands your individualized needs needs and for medical facilities to have exceptional care by our vetted Speech-Language Pathologists!

A Few Words

About What Make Us Exceptional

For our medical facility partners

JNS is not a typical staffing company.  We see ourselves as partners in your facility’s success.  We provide oversight of our Speech-Language Pathologists by supervisors with decades of clinical and leadership experience. We understand that each building presents unique demographics and challenges. Given the extensive experience of managing partners, we are determined to find solutions through exploring innovating approaches. We think outside the box.

For our speech-language pathology Team

When you are employed by JNS Staffing, we have your back.  We encourage your continued growth, success and even have opportunities for career advancement. Check our our NY Speech Pathology Job Openings.

We Are Always

Glad to Help

We are here for your continued growth in your speech-language pathology career.

JNS Staffing

Individual Approach

Why Choose To Partner With Us

As an employee of JNS Staffing, you can take pride in the fact that you have been vetted. We select only highly recommended clinicians who share a passion for continued professional growth while providing care to vulnerable populations. We are also committed to matching your interests with facilities that will provide opportunities for hone your therapeutic skills. If your interests are related to patient’s who have tracheostomies and are ventilator dependent, we can match a facility for you. If your interest is related to voice disorders in the patient with Parkinson’s Disease, we can find a facility for you. We match your intellectual curiosity with the specific demographics of a facility.

Our CFY program is unique in that your supervisors come with decades of experience in the medical SLP field. You will not only learn from experienced and practicing clinicians, you will benefit from their pragmatic approaches. Our goal is to facilitate the growth of our Clinical Fellows in an encouraging and supportive environment. We will teach you the basics of documentation, assessment, treatment and time management. Then, we will encourage you to develop your individualized style and approach while adhering to evidence based practice.

JNS provides a unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders with free Continuing Education opportunities.

Finally, we maintain an exclusive relationship with NDoscopy Dysphagia Specialists, the premier provider of mobile FEES in NY, that is committed to  training the next generation of FEES service providers. Following a brief probationary period, we will facilitate your education and technique in passing an endoscope, writing a report and effectively communicating the results of these studies with the resident, family and care providers.

Top Vetted SLPs

Our Speech-Language Pathologists and Clinical Fellows been vetted to provide exceptional care. They are supported.

Quality & commitment

We are committed to improving outcomes for your facility. We assist in behavior and dysphagia management by way of in-servicing staff.

Your Partners

We seek to build partnerships with our facilities. We are dedicated to meeting your individualized needs.

Matched skillset

We vet all of our SLPs and match their skill sets, interests and talents to maximize outcomes for our partner facilities.


We extend compassion to our entire team, which includes our partner facilities and their patients.

IndividualIZED ApproachES

We pride ourselves in individualizing our evaluations and treatments for our patient and their unique set of circumstances.

reducing re-hospitalizations

Accurate diagnostic assessment of dysphagia can prevent pneumonia and subsequent hospitalization.

Evidence Based Treatment

Continuing education is important to us and we provide evidenced-based treatment approaches.