New York City Medical Speech Pathology Jobs

New York City Medical Speech Pathology Jobs are often difficult to attain.  Medical speech-language pathology, is a dynamic and rewarding field dedicated to helping individuals with communication disorders improve their speech and language and swallowing skills. In New York City (NYC), the demand for speech pathologists is consistently on the rise due to the diverse population and the importance placed on effective communication. However, the medical SLP field is typically more competitive in NYC.  



New York City’s demand in medical speech-language pathology jobs is driven by several factors:


  1. Aging Population: New Yorkers ages 65 and over accounted for 16.2% of the population in 2021, up from 12.3 percent in 2011.  Overall, there are now 1,373,495 people ages 65 and over (AARP)
  2. Healthcare: NYC boasts world-class medical facilities, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and private clinics. Speech pathologists play a crucial role in rehabilitating patients with speech and language disorders resulting from medical conditions or injuries.
  3. Increased survival rates– with advancing medical technologies, the survival rates are improving for premature babies as well as stroke and trauma victims. 


Career Opportunities

The New York State Department of Labor projects that the number of jobs for speech-language pathologists in the state will increase by 40% between 2020 and 2030. Speech pathologists in NYC can pursue diverse career paths, including school-based, hospitals and medical facilities, private practice, research and education, telepractice. 


The focus of JNS staffing is on medical speech-language pathology in hospitals and medical facilities such as skilled nursing facilities, subacute and rehabilitation centers.  We employ licensed speech-language pathologists and clinical fellows to assist patients recovering from strokes, traumatic brain injuries, or other medical conditions affecting speech and swallowing.  We are here to assist both new graduates, those changing careers from schools to the medical field and also those who have been in the field.  Check out our NYC medical speech pathology positions here. 




Speech pathology offers a fulfilling career path in NYC, where the demand for these professionals continues to grow. Whether you are interested in working with children in schools, helping adults in healthcare settings, or exploring the benefits of telepractice, the field offers a wide range of opportunities. Moreover, staying current with trends and maintaining cultural competency will be essential as you embark on a journey to improve the lives of those with communication disorders in the vibrant and diverse city of New York.


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