I Feel Great and I Highly Recommend...

I am so thankful that ** came into my room. I couldn’t swallow and was feeling hopeless. We created a plan, I followed it, and now I eat three meals a day. Life has a purpose again. I feel great and I highly recommend **.

JIMMY K, Patient

I Feel so Much Better...

I was so anxious about having a FEES done.  I thought it would hurt and I would only receive bad news.  I completed the procedure, immediately learned which techniques were necessary and now I eat without coughing or choking.  I feel so much better!

GARY K, patient

Wonderful, Friendly and KNOWLEDGEABLE...

My supervisors at JNS were wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable. They cared about my growth as a clinician and allowed me to achieve a strong work-life balance.

Speech-Language Pathologist


Finding JNS Staffing was a blessing. They provided an exceptionally strong Speech Therapist who could be counted on as a part of our facility’s core team. She is a gem.

Steven DS, AdministraTOR


My supervisor at JNS was so friendly and relaxed! Her approach was such that I could easily ask questions without hesitation. We often laughed and the next thing I knew, I was learning!

Capucine B
Speech-Language Pathologist

Caring... Is What I like the Most about them

It’s really difficult to find a company that fully supports its employees while meeting the needs of the facility. That the management at JNS demonstrated caring for both entities simultaneously is remarkable.  This is what I like the most about them.

Jas, Director of rehabilitation